Over 7 Seas

Photography over 7 seas

• Photographing around the world. Living in California & England & South East Asia.





Travel Photo Journals

"I am happiest when I see the world through the viewfinder of my camera."

You can view my Fine Art projects on my website: www.artdeubner.wordpress.com

Personal Projects


Available by plane & train anywhere you would like to work with me

2019.07 -                 San Francisco

2019.06 -                 Budapest

2019.03 -2019.05    Thailand 

2019.02 -  2019.03  Liverpool, UK 

Example rates: 

• Portrait rates in San Francisco & Bay Area start from: $100, discounts for businesses or group booking with 5+ employees

Please enquire about hourly, half day and full day rates for special events. You can send me a message by clicking on the  "CONTACT" tab.

About Birgit:

- I am an information & research  geek

- Narrative art works & photography / telling stories

- Current author obsession: Isabelle Allende, I enjoy stories about immigrants

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