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• Photographing around the world. Living in California, the UK & South East Asia.

Travel Photo Journals



My name is Birgit

About Birgit:

- I am hold a postgraduate degree from Goldsmiths University, a globally leading university in the Arts and Critical discourse.

- I have been described as storyteller, kind & as an information gathering & research geek

- Narrative art works & photography / telling stories

- Current author obsession: Isabelle Allende, I enjoy stories about immigrants

"I am happiest when I see the world through the viewfinder of my camera.

Experiencing  life in other cultures, both at home and abroad, is something that is important to me. (As is thinking critically about what it means to travel as a white person in countries formerly afflicted by colonialism. I try to show respect where I visit. Always learning.)" 

You can view my Fine Art projects on my website: www.artdeubner.wordpress.com


• Welcoming invitations to publish images & words.

• Prints & digital right for sale.

• Portrait rates in San Francisco & Bay Area start from: $150, discounts for businesses or group booking negotiable.

Please enquire about hourly, half day and full day rates for special events. You can send me a message by clicking on the  "CONTACT" tab.



Personal Projects


Available by plane & train anywhere you would like to work with me

2019.07 -                 San Francisco

2019.06 -                 Budapest

2019.03 -2019.05    Thailand 

2019.02 -  2019.03  Liverpool, UK 

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